Hi Sharon,
Here is a picture of the puppies we bought from
you.  They are now 8
months and healthy as can be.  Peanut is on the
left and Shadow on the
right.  Their original names were Mick and
Quint.  I thought this
picture was cute and wanted to share it with
you.  We still look at
your page often, we are thinking we may get a
girl yorkie.
Merry Christmas!
This is  Max now and he is spoiled
rotten and cute as ever!! He's almost
full grown now and still only 4 lbs. He's
doing very well and I thank you very
much for giving us such a wonderful
gift. He has been the perfect addition to
our lives. Hope all is well with you!
Hi Sharon,
Just thought I'd send you some of Lola's
latest... she is as spunky and stubborn as
ever, but I love her to death! We're in puppy
training classes. Lola has decided that she
hates my boyfriend, presumably because he
steals me away from her. Everytime he
comes over, she sighs like she's never been
sadder in all her life and she HAS to sit in
between us on the couch! She's very
protective of me, and I love it.
Hey Sharon,
Well, here are the latest and
greatest of Romy. He is very
friendly and playful. Hope you like
them and thanks again for
everything, you have been great
with getting the puppies ready.
Sharon. We picked her up with
no probs at all...she is
PERFECT! Thank u again. I
actually named her Isabella so
from here on that is her name.
she even had her first kiss with
her brother Kevin. Keep u
posted on her adventures &
growing up...thank u again we
are so happy.
Sharon, i wanted to send you a picture of
Duke. Hes wicked smart lol. Hes a little
trouble maker and gets into everything, but
we love him more than anything. Hes very
smart knows a lot of tricks and does anything
for food. He weighs about 50 pounds.
Here is a picture of Tory with the family.  
She is so much fun and brings us great joy.  
We feel lucky to have her.
Just thought you might like to see this.
Have a good day!
Echo Wilson
Hi Sharon,
I just wanted to send you some pictures of little Mumble. She is
almost 5 months and a little trouble maker :) She weighs 4.2 lbs
and is in perfect health! Everyone who meets her is obsessed
with her!
Christian CoX
He is a wonderful dog! he is wonderful
with my new baby and helped me while
my husband was in Iraq and I was
pregnant by keeping me company! I
love him so much thank you so much!
You guys gave him the name Gringo
and we named him Gnar dog! he was
the litter that was born jan 20th 2007! I
would just like to thank you again for a
wonderful dog!!!!
Hi Sharon
I just wanted to give you an update on Reesa,
now known as Minion or  
Mini. She's gotten so big in the past 5 months!
She's very smart and  
has the most charismatic personality. She
loves to play, and when  
she's not playing, she's cuddling in our laps. I
attached a recent  
picture of her.
- Jami & Eric
SHARON,Can you believe it has been two weeks
today?  Yesterday, I took her in for her first trim…  she
had her hair and nails done then we went shopping for
a new Thanksgiving Day dress.  Cissy will be meeting
the extended family next week (11 adults and 11
I am attaching a picture so you’ll see how cute she is
and how much she has grown already.
I want to thank—one more time—for providing us such
a sweet little girl.
Best wishes,
Brenda Gipson, [CISSY]
Well, we received Reamy (now Pebbles) just
perfectly.  No problems.    We have her and LOVE
her!!!  She is fitting in with our family extremely
well.  I can not thank you enough for giving us the
opportunity of having such a beautiful baby girl.  
Sharon, she is the most adorable
little girl! She brightens every day
with her kisses and silly ways!
Thank you so much for her ! Take
Buying a puppy from Sharon was so pleasant. She was very easy to talk to and willing to satisfy my
families needs, right down to the bow in our puppies hair and the polish on her nails. She even got
her to me the same day and saved me money instead of trying to get as much as she could from
me. She was very knowledgeable and outgoing. Her delivery guy was very nice and had a great
set up for the delivery of the animals. I will definitely come back for our next family member. Thanks
The Gresham Family
East Alton Illinos
She loves to sit in front of the window at our
house and just watch for neighbors! She's
made us so popular in the neighborhood.
When we go out side, the neighbors yell
"Lucy!" and give her all sorts of treats!  
Some of the neighbors don't even have
dogs, and they bought treats just for Lucy.

krystal zimmerman
Hi Sharon
I just wanted to send you some photos of (Abia) Lucy. Our little
chihaha/coton mix.  She gets cutter everyday.  My husband and I just
crack up over her.  She is the sweetest thing ever and then sometimes
she will just take off running through the house as fast as she can. She
plays hard, and sleeps hard! No in between! haha. She also LOVES to
dig in her water dish.  (It's a terrible habit, but I can't scold her, cause it's
hillarious!)  She makes such a mess. haha. Sometimes we wish we had
bought two from her liter! She's just too much fun! Anyways, thanks again
for Lucy, she's just the love of our lives!!!  
Hi Sharon,
Jazzy has arrived safe and sound.
You're right about her being full of
spunk. She was playing and barking
all the way home in the car. A one
hour drive. She has finally fell asleep
by my chair at the computer here, after
3 hours of playing since we got home.
My Rat Terrier Riley was growling at
her at first, but is now playing with
her. Didn't take him long to warm up
to her.
She seems really smart for her age.
She'll eventually get spayed when the
time comes.
Thank you again,
She's adorable. And yes! A handful
too!   LOL
We are delighted to say that we
are so happy with the new We
are delighted to say that we
member of the family. He has
recently turned 7 months and
being a well behaved dog.
He has learned many tricks and
has grown to be very obedient.
Although he is spoiled. He
enjoys sleeping in our bed like
a little baby. Loves to tug in
the comforter and pillows.
Hates to sleep outside the
room, be alone, and loves
attention. He has been more
than the perfect dog. Very
lovable, energetic, and
friendly. Eric and I got blessed
with an angel, SCRUFFY
GERSHON. He fills our life's
with joy and happiness. Here
are some pictures of him. Enjoy.
Hi Sharon,

I hope all is well.  I just wanted to touch basis
with you, I know its been over a year, but
been really busy with the family and our new
addition.  I wanted to send you an updated
picture of Kaylee (previously Tish).  She is
has been such a wonderful addition to our
family!! She is very outgoing, absolutely
loves to play and very protective of the
house and family.  We couldn't have asked
for a better puppy.  Which made us so
curious as to how her twin is doing.  I was
wondering if that family sent in a new picture
of Honey, we would like to see how she has
grown and if she's possibly in Michigan (hey
you never know  :)    Anyway, he's a picture
of my funkin - I call her that cause she's a ball
of fun!!  
We may be looking for another dog in near
future (but a bigger dog), and we will
definitely keep you guys in mind.
Thanks for raising such a wonderful dog!  
You know I never got a picture of her dad, if
you get a moment and you have a pic, would
you mind sending us a pic?
Thanks so much!!
I'm sending you pictures of her, I
groom her all the time.  I just gave
her a Papillion like cut and will get
pictures soon.  I am also teaching
her some cute tricks too.  She
follows me around where ever I go,
she is my little shadow.  She also
has her own spot in bed with me
and has so many toys, she is
definitely very spoiled.  She is my
beautiful baby girl!
Hi my name is chris and a few years back I got
telly from you. A male long hair chihuahua. He's
is the best thing that has happen to me. I just
wanted to say thank you and send you a picture
Hello Sharon
Lefty has just turned one and he is
better than ever. He is a great dog
and really a best friend. Heres a
picture that you can put on the site if
you'd like. (and if you have a picture
of the dad (pitbull/heeler) i'd love to
see it!
Thanks so much
am not sure if you remember us, but
early in October of 2009 we adopted
Buster, a Maltipoo, from you. I am so
sorry it has taken me so long to write
you and send some pictures, so many
times I meant to, but never did
Anyway, Buster turned 2 on July 6th
and he is doing  GREAT!  We wanted
you to know how much we all love him
and what an absolute blessing he is.  
We are so pleased with Buster. He is
are first dog, so we didn't know what
to expect.  Well he is wonderful, and  
we've been told by others who have
or have had dogs that we are very
lucky to have such a happy, playful,
friendly dog with such a great
personality.  Everyone always
comments that he is the cutest dog
they have ever seen, and we have to
agree with them.
I want you to know that we do
recommend you to others and tell
people what a great experience we
had dealing with you, that your kennel
is great.  I also wanted to thank you
for helping me with my questions
about food after we got him and the
digestion problems we were having.
Your knowledge was great and I
appreciated the way you still cared
about him.
Hi Sharon
Dancer - (Coby) we
renamed him is
happy healthy and
sleeping in his crate!
He had a long day
and must be
exhausted!  He had a
clean bill of health
from our vet,  Vet
said u did a great job
raising him thus far
aka [Casey] Nala is adjusting very nicely at her new
well! She loves her treats :)
Thank you again so much for our baby girl!
Kristin & David
We had her
groomed today and
she looks
beautiful. We could
not be happier. We
have named her
Samantha and call
her Sami and she
already knows her
name. She is
settleing in nicely
and gives us lots of

Thanks again,
Stan & Wilthea
renamed her Daisy) is doing.  She is beautiful!  
She has gone through phase 1 of obendience
training at PetSmart, she is still learning the
commands and once she gets them down she'll be
going into Phase 2.  She is so loveable and so
smart, loyal and playful.  When she first got here
she wasn't too sure of our black cat, Pearl, and
kiss, and even nuzzle each other.  Her "boyfriend"
Atticus is patiently waiting for her to be ready to
Just wanted to let you know how Rosa (we mate
with, we're all anxious to see what their puppies will
look like, her vet says that she should Just wanted
to let you know how Rosa (we be a year and a half
before she has puppies, so we wait.  

Hope all is well. I just wanted to
touch base with you. I frequently
check your website and look at
the little yorkies you have
because we are sooooo happy
with our precious little Kylo
(formerly Casey). We bought
Kylo from you 4 years ago and
words can not describe how
wonderful she truly is. The
temperament of her is one of a
child. She has brought a lot of joy
She is one of a kind. I can not
thank you enough for providing
us with the best little munchkin
Thanks again,
Donna Rossol and family :-)
Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada

Hi Sharon :)
Kaia is already a year old! She's gotten
pretty big for her size which makes her
absolutely gorgeous!
Hey Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that Coy
(Coal) is doing great and is fitting in
without a problem.  Attached is a
picture of me with the puppy and I
will forward one of my son with the
two dogs.  Thank you so much
Sharon, he is the perfect little addition!

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to send you a quick update on Pippin. Yesterday we
celebrated his first birthday! I made him a homemade, dog-safe pupcake (a cupcake for
pups) & bought him some more play toys (as if he doesn't have enough already).
He's doing great. Pippin now weighs 20.7 lbs & is still very sweet & playful. He enjoys
playing with my mom's 5lb Yorkie, Pepper, which is a funny sight to see given the large
body size difference. He definitely has my heart & has brought me an immense amount of
I've included 5 pictures of his birthday celebration to share with you.

Thank you again for everything!
Andrea Shepherd
Hey Sharon!
wanted to send an update:
This is Dart (short for D'artagnan). He is
almost 2 years old and has been such a joy to
have in our home. He loves to cuddle, chew
on his toys, and take naps with his mama and
papa. We are looking forward to the many
adventures ahead with this little guy. He is
adored everywhere we go.  
Thanks so much Sharon!
With love,
Michelle, Dan, and Dart

Hi Sharon,
I hope all is well with you. I just wanted  to send you a pic of Roxy aka
Akeela. She is amazing addition  to our family. Extremely  spoiled but
that's our fault.  We couldn't  love her anymore.  Thank you for
Hope all is well.  Just wanted to share
a picture of our little girl Kylo
from Winnipeg, Canada.  She is now
turning eight  this February and she is
healthy and happy little girl.  We were
sure lucky to find a breeder like
you.  The quality and the
temperament  of this dog is un to
none.  She is a
blessing to our family.  Thanks again.  
Merry Christmas!

The Rossol Family
Winnipeg, Canada

Hi Sharon
Just wanted to give you an update on Ace. I
renamed him Oakley and this is his first grooming.
He's a wonderful pup and I can't wait to get another
Yorkshire Terrier from you. He is weighing in at 3.6
lbs. He is the sweetest pup ever.
Please put this photo on your website. It truly gives
an example of how beautiful your dogs are.
Happy New Year
Christine and Oakley
Oakley. Parti male Yorkie
MS Emily has moved to her
new home in Iowa. Thanks
for choosing one of our